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User Agreement

User agreement is a website providing service to the contents of its registered users and belongs to the services.
The rules and other legal issues that you are subject to when you become a registered user of are as follows.

– to be a registered user and author

We apply the age limit of 18, so unfortunately it is not possible for the people under 18 to be a user.

In order to become a registered user, you must enter the requested information. once this is complete, we will email you for activation.

Once your account is activated, the content you create will not appear on the site until your authorship is approved, but we can access them from different channels.

The approval of your authorship is at the discretion of the use of we also make no commitment to the evaluation criteria, preferred methods or duration of recruitment of registered users. Although the recruitment of the author is done continuously, we may have additional practices such as recruitment of those who meet certain criteria in certain periods.

– your operations and responsibilities

The content you create must comply with the rules and law. Please make sure that the content you create is not against the law, as it is published at your own risk and without prior inspection. Since your legal responsibility begins as soon as the content is published, the content that you create is later on by you or by complaint / notification etc. it will not remove your responsibility to be deleted by. rules, reasons for deletion of entrances and other sanctions are announced to users through the site, you are responsible for the follow-up.

Your entrances may be removed due to non-compliance with the rules of or because it is against the law. your authorship may be temporarily suspended or your user account may be closed due to any violation of the rules or the law. all other rights reserved.

we reserve the right to remove the content we wish to partially or completely, to cancel your authorship and to delete your user registration, if we deem it necessary and without giving any reason.

All the responsibility regarding the security of your account belongs to you. We recommend that you create your password in an unpredictable way and do not share it with third parties, and do not enter your username and password on third-party websites and / or mobile applications.

For the security of the information you have provided to the use of the information you have provided to the use of, but the obligation of diligence other than the obligation to take care, hosting service and similar services can not provide security or illegal access to the use of information by using We accept no liability for any direct or indirect damages.

Although we make regular backups, we make no commitment that your data on the site (entrances, messages, notes, and any other content) will be partially or completely lost. We also reserve the right to permanently delete this data. therefore, we accept no responsibility for any loss or corruption of data for any reason whatsoever. If you are worried about losing data, we recommend that you back up your data on using

– privacy

During the time you use us, you may have to place cookies and so on, also known as ‘cookies ıza, on your computer. Cookies consist of simple text files and do not contain any personally identifiable information, such as personal information, but session information and similar data are stored and can be used to recognize you again. more information can be found at and (We do not have any responsibility for the reliability of the content you will get from the links provided.)

In addition, we have the right to store, process and use any data collected by you in the form of automatic registration of any transactions we request directly from you (notified) or during the use of the site (unaware) during your registration and use of us. The specified situations are reserved.

the data we collect from you will be kept confidential. using this data

your anonymity can be used as statistical data, and your anonymity can be shared with third parties on condition that it is protected.
Your contact information will only be used for informational and promotional purposes relating to the brands and / or services of the use of, unless your consent is otherwise obtained. Your contact information will not be used or provided to third parties in any way.

In case of legal obligation and duly requested by the authorities, your information may be shared with the relevant authority. In accordance with the current legislation, only the last 12 months IP information of all registered users is stored. does not have any responsibility for your information that you share with your request or that you publicize with your entrants. we recommend that you pay attention to the information you share through personal correspondence or in the entrances you publish.

– Copyright

copyrights, copying, processing and printing media, radio-television, satellite and cable, or through internet or other digital You are entitled to use all of your financial rights, including but not limited to broadcasting rights, including the means of transmission of signals, audio and / or images, and any other means, including transmission methods, indefinitely and free of charge (license).

as long as the content you have created is online in the use of, will have the right to use these contents under all brands of its own use and / or other websites for commercial purposes. in order to prevent this, you only need to delete the content that you do not want to use or close your account, but these actions are only forward-looking and will not give you the right to remove your entrances from any previous work, to charge royalties or the like. it is therefore always possible to reprint or publish previous work.

In case of use of your internet sites in commercial environments other than the internet, the company will make the payment of royalties in the amount that it appreciates.

The content you post on is considered to belong to you or you have the right to use it under the law on intellectual and artistic works. content that does not belong to you may only be published in accordance with the procedures set forth in the law and provided that you make a reference. Otherwise, we want to indicate that you will be responsible for any losses we may incur in.

when using in-dictionary messaging and other facilities, you must comply with the law and, if applicable, the rules.

– Terms of Use

(see terms of is an integral part of this agreement.

– contract changes

this contract may be amended unilaterally and without prior notice by We recommend that you check the contract text periodically as the use of the site as a registered user will mean acceptance of contract changes.

this agreement will arise in disputes between the parties due to the relationship between the records (e-mail correspondence, internet traffic information and access records [log], etc.) in the sense of article 193 hmk valid, binding, definitive and exclusive evidence that this article will accept the nature of the agreement You acknowledge.

Turkish law will be applied to this agreement and Istanbul Central (Caglayan) courts and enforcement offices are authorized in case of disputes.

this contract was last updated on 03.02.2019.

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