capillus cap

I still can’t believe I paid so much for such a product. women are not like men. We feel very sad when our hair begins to fall out. I bought this product for additional treatment to my hair shed due to hormonal changes. I bought the pro version which is the most expensive. I regret. I had no effect or side effects. my money went to waste. no changes in my hair loss. no slightest improvement in my scalp. This is a placebo product. I’m sure of it now.

  • crepe erase

    we bought this product for my grandmother. 50% change in 6 weeks, 90% improvement in 12 weeks? all lies. it didn’t work at all. there was no significant improvement. hyaluronic acid and similar products that contain products that are more useful for you if you choose carefully.

    culligan reverse osmosis

    His products do well, but the culligan brand is a disgrace. We just moved in. and we contacted these guys for the filter system. at first everything was very good. then the problems began. hahahahah it is very difficult to reach these guys as problems begin. There is no alternative for price. but the customer service sucks. Do not forget this.

  • socket shelf

    It takes too long to prepare for the day. Watching things like video while preparing. Thanks to this shelf, I charge both my phone and everything else. easily removable. doing great job. provides security. It has multiple function and it is great.


    I like the product. it really sucks. it wonderfully cleansed my blackheads and superficial oils. you need to clean it nicely after using the device. Pay attention to this. otherwise, the superficial problem on your face spreads to other areas. you can also get cheaper if you buy from amazon.

  • dronex pro

    Dear friends, the quality of the drone is very poor. I bought the product from China. Flight time 5-6 min. All that is described on the DroneX Pro site is a lie. 4 KM range or something, you can’t fly the product 100MT. Outdoors control impossible. Already there is no contact information on the site. You fly at home, but if there’s a tiny wind outside, it won’t fly. If you break the propellers, if you are a beginner, you will surely multiply and break (even if you are not a beginner, you won’t even look at this product). You will order from China and each time you will come in the same image as the shape but with a much larger propeller. Even if you want to install the propellers, they will collide. I bought the product, I ordered the propeller came from 4 different companies always great. The description fits the model number etc. but the incoming product is always faulty. Finally I gave Drone to a friend.
    So the guys are scammers.

    quick slim detox patch

    ruined my skin. my belly was peeled. I give 1 stars out of 10. It will also ship fast. smell like wood. It didn’t help my cellulites. Maybe my skin is very sensitive. but it didn’t work. so I don’t recommend it.

  • omega xl

    bought for my mother who is experiencing back pains. The pain subsided within 1 week. would definitely recommend. it works.

    shark ion 850

    This product is a monster. If I let it, it will absorb me. It doesn’t matter what happens anywhere. sugar, powder, sawdust. Sit back and watch this beast. itself is a wonder of technology. If robots invade the world, let such robots invade. : D The price is not too expensive. not too cheap. you can find cheaper. but can you find better quality at this price? I do not think so. I really don’t think so.

  • il makiage

    disgusting product. knowingly deleting all negative comments on their website. so people don’t see bad comments. This product is only oil. If you want disgusting and oily skin, you can buy it.