monistat 1

used the night. itching instantly decreased. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t see anything about the infection. but I’m going to use another dose to guarantee it. I hope I’m not mistaken.

  • old spice body wash for men

    my boyfriend is using it. Oh my God. smell myth. I love that smell. He also said that the feeling he left on the skin is beautiful.


    The most comfortable waist shaper I’ve ever used. I wore it before going to an interview. and remained in my body for about 10 hours, but there was no discomfort or irritation. It definitely works if you get the proper body to your body.

  • tv free way antenna

    avoid this product. If you don’t live in New York, there’s no way he can give you what he claims. This is a scam. because there were close to 100 stations promised. Even 35 stations are difficult. There are hundreds of negative comments on the internet. how bad can it still be? I bought. very bad hahahahahaha. It’s a waste of money. Throw your money in the trash is more useful.

    arctic hat

    legend product. I liked it very much. absolutely protecting against the sun. Convenient to use. do not sweat. does not smell. quality. I bought it from amazon and the cargo arrived quickly.

  • crepe erase

    we bought this product for my grandmother. 50% change in 6 weeks, 90% improvement in 12 weeks? all lies. it didn’t work at all. there was no significant improvement. hyaluronic acid and similar products that contain products that are more useful for you if you choose carefully.

    omega xl

    bought for my mother who is experiencing back pains. The pain subsided within 1 week. would definitely recommend. it works.

  • ipsy

    I’ve been a subscriber for three months. I love the products that come with each shipment. 1-2 things that I dislike in the box is happening. but I use them until they’re done. promises are very good. I also feel that I’m starting to enjoy makeup more. some people don’t like it at all. I understand them. I guess it doesn’t fit everyone. but get it. I recommend you to subscribe.

    capillus cap

    I still can’t believe I paid so much for such a product. women are not like men. We feel very sad when our hair begins to fall out. I bought this product for additional treatment to my hair shed due to hormonal changes. I bought the pro version which is the most expensive. I regret. I had no effect or side effects. my money went to waste. no changes in my hair loss. no slightest improvement in my scalp. This is a placebo product. I’m sure of it now.

  • dermaplane glow

    something very strange. as if they are removing the top layer of your skin. the substrate appears new and smooth. painless operation. I use it once a month. acne is good for my scars. did not feather. it works. available from amazon. but this thing may not be compatible with all skin. I’m sure it will damage very sensitive skin.