The most comfortable waist shaper I've ever used. I wore it before going to an interview. and remained in my body for about 10 hours, but there was no discomfort or irritation. It definitely works if you get the proper body to your body.

carol’s daughter black vanilla leave in conditioner

i've used this cream 4-5 times and it smells really bad. it doesn't do any good to my hair. would not recommend. 🙁

orby tv

a great option for people on a low budget, living in the countryside. It works about 45 channels. This is enough for me. for a 65-inch television, the picture is fine. it does really nice work for a product that you buy for only $ 40. orby tv you are great.

socket shelf

It takes too long to prepare for the day. Watching things like video while preparing. Thanks to this shelf, I charge both my phone and everything else. easily removable. doing great job. provides security. It has multiple function and it is great.



if you are going to use such a product to lose weight, think again. because I used this product and almost died. diarrhea, abdominal pain, side effects such as my health deteriorated. so i slept in the hospital. When I contacted the boombod manufacturers, they told me that I might be allergic to a substance. this is a lie. Yes I lost weight. but I gave it because I was sick and suffering with this product. if that is the mechanism of action of the product I can not say anything lol

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