• dronex pro

    Dear friends, the quality of the drone is very poor. I bought the product from China. Flight time 5-6 min. All that is described on the DroneX Pro site is a lie. 4 KM range or something, you can't fly the product 100MT. Outdoors control impossible. Already there is no contact information on the site. You fly at home, but if there's a tiny wind outside, it won't fly. If you break the propellers, if you are a beginner, you will surely multiply and break (even if you are not a beginner, you won't even look at this product). You will order from China and each time you will come in the same image as the shape but with a much larger propeller. Even if you want to install the propellers, they will collide. I bought the product, I ordered the propeller came from 4 different companies always great. The description fits the model number etc. but the incoming product is always faulty. Finally I gave Drone to a friend.
    So the guys are scammers.

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